CROWD workshop and event at Graz, Austria

The international workshop „CROWD_topia Gathering” brings together authors and literature organisers from the independent literature community CROWD, which was co-founded by Nuoren Voiman Liitto with several international partner organisations in 2013. During this two-day workshop, they will exchange artistical ideas and discuss the central question of ”How do we want to live together? The results of this workshop will then be presented at the Forum Stadtpark on Friday, 8 November.

Talks with Partners: Lettrétage (DE), Nuoren Voiman Liitto (FI), Krokodil (RS), Ideogramma (CY), Szépírók Társasága (HU)
Performances: Kinga Tóth, Vladimir Arsenijevic, Tom Bresemann, Max Höfler, Nikos Zachariadis and many more.